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"Smart Nails" is a 2-day ABT accredited nail course (russian manicure) designed to provide students with the latest techniques in modern, hygienic, and safe cuticle manicures using e-files (russian manicure). The course covers contemporary approaches to BIAB (builder gel in a bottle) application, emphasizing self-leveling techniques, precise color application without gaps, safe and efficient gel/gel polish removal using e-files, as well as nail repair using polygel techniques.

Additionally, students will learn trendy and time-saving nail designs, how to create Instagram-worthy nail pictures, essential health and safety practices, proper tools disinfection and sterilization methods, effective client communication, the provision of VIP service, and strategies for pricing their services to ensure a fully booked schedule.



No experience is needed. This course is suitable for beginners and for experienced nail artists who wish to learn the latest techniques and modern methods of working with nails.

Day 1

10am-12:30pm theory part

12:30pm-1pm lunch break

1pm- 4pm working on models, learning and practising safe and clean cuticle manicure with e-file

Day 2

9:30am-12 theory part

12pm-12:30pm lunch break

12:30pm until 5pm working on models, learning and practising safe and quick gel/gel polish removal with e-file, clean cuticle manicure with e-file and (BIAB) gel/gel base application with self- levelling techniques and colour application very close to skin (no gaps). Learning modern and quick nail art designs, broken nail fixing and quick extension with a polygel

Very small group, up to 4 students. A lot of attention for everyone. Students won't need to find a models, models will be provided.

All the students will have my support after the course.

Course price £500. Deposit required in order to book in.

During this course students will learn everything they need to know for a successful nail artist career.


Send me a message to check availability, thank you x

Training will be held in Milton Keynes. Please send a message for the dates and availability x

2-day “Smart nails” training (Russian manicure), 2024 (DM for availability)

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